Selling a House For Cash In Florida (The Complete Guide)

It would only make sense for you, the homeowner looking to sell a property in the sunshine state of Florida, to know everything you can about selling a house for cash. Why? Well it’s because Florida has 6 out of the top 7 counties in the nation where the largest % of home sales are … Continued

Emergency Home Repairs Before Selling A Home (How To Pay)

Wouldn’t it be great if we would’ve known ahead of time that the air conditioning was going to go out, oh and we’re in Florida so when temperatures are reaching 100 degrees plus that awful August humidity it doesn’t matter how much the new HVAC system costs we need it! Well according to, the … Continued

Do cash offers ever fall through? (6 Reasons We See)

Yes cash offers can fall through but at a drastically lower rate than other offers. Let me explain why and how a cash offer are so likely to close. A cash offer and conventional offer will both generally contain what is called an “inspection period.” This is the period of time where the Offeree (the … Continued

Can you sell a house without a home inspection?

The short answer is, YES. But, you can’t sell to your typical buyer. In this article we will dig into the options you have for selling a home WITHOUT AN INSPECTION (you have 2 Options actually). To explain this, I will walk you through examples. As usual, here are the characters you’ll need to know … Continued

Can you sell a house that is falling apart?

Yes – even if you cannot afford it or just downright don’t want to fix up a house you can still sell it. Plus, with a few tips and tricks you might even be able to get more for it by selling it as is rather than doing the fixing yourself. So, whether you  inherited … Continued