The Top 11 Questions to Ask a Cash Buyer

(Before Accepting An Offer)

Selling to a cash buyer is a great option.

  • Maximum Flexibility on terms
  • No Realtor Commissions or showings
  • Sell in As-Is Condition
  • Simplicity of an all Cash Offer
  • Many More

But, it only goes that way if you are working with an experienced buyer in your particular market.

If you feel like the person on the other side of the phone is NOT genuinely interested in getting you from point A (where you’re at) to point B (your new home) it’s probably a red flag!

They are likely NOT very experienced.

Or worse → They just want to lock you in a contract hoping to make money for themselves.

We have heard all the stories of the “Bad-Homebuyers” (and we even shared a few below). If we help you with nothing else, please learn to spot them a mile away!

We put together a comprehensive list of questions every reputable cash buyer should be comfortable answering.

Plus, we provide you with a cheat sheet to let you know when it’s time to walk away from a bad-buyer.

And, It’s instantly available as a free download.

Our team put this list together using our experience across over 600 cash closings in the last 10+ years. You don’t need to ask every seller every question; however, we did prioritize 11 questions as MUSK ASK.

It’s free to download. We think you will be glad you did.

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In 5 minutes this guide will empower you how to spot the Bad-Homebuyers a mile away.

We get emails and calls all the time from sellers thanking us for this helpful list. Oftentimes they even print this list out and ask the seller each question line by line and check their answers versus our guide. We truly hope this helps you better navigate what is a very important decision.

Raul – Owner of™

How It Can All Go Wrong…

Most people who intend to sell their house to an investor will speak with a couple before making a decision. We’re constantly told exactly what the competition is saying by other sellers just like you “we are going to close on the property for sure” ; “we are the end buyers so you don’t have to worry” ; “we will not change the price at any time during the process.” Now if all of this were true that would be great news sellers like you. However, we receive at least 5 calls per month from Sellers asking us to reconsider our offer because their “other offer” “didn’t go through” and now It has been 4 weeks and the Seller is right back where they started after another month of expenses. All of this can be avoided by dealing with a legitimate buyer who I paying a fair price. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old saying if it seems too good to be true, it likely is not true – if the other offer you received is $30,000 less that higher offer might be a little suspicious so asking how they’re able to pay $30,000 more than Investor Ivan ? Can’t hurt to ask. 

Let me tell you a real life story 

Sally Seller, she was moving with her family (husband and 2 small children) across the country from Seattle, Washington to a small town in Tennessee. Sally called us, we went through the process and made her an offer, $430,000, which she rejected because she said Suspicious Steven made her an offer for $490,000 and said he would be the buyer and close in 3 weeks. Sally needed the money from the sale to be able to put down on the new house, help with a cross country move of the family and their belongings and made all her plans around this closing date. Fast forward 5 weeks, we get a call again from Sally and she says hey is there anything you guys can do they just called me and said they needed to reduce the price to $415,000 in order to close citing extensive renovations. So here Sally is 2 weeks past the closing date and $75,000 short of what she was promised and was forced to dip into her savings to complete the cross country move and keep the house they were purchasing until she received the proceeds from the sale of the Washington home. (We might be able to get a testimonial from this lady , like about how she wishes she would’ve gone with us ?) (our rep has really good rapport with her)

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