Selling an UGLY House in Miami [Under 20 Days]

How do you sell a home when it’s not in a top-notch condition? Your house has become an eyesore. You don’t seem to know anyone who will be interested in buying your property. Renovating the house might be possible. You can turn the ugly property into a beautiful dream, but what if you can’t repair the property? What if you don’t have time or money to remodel the house?
You can still sell your ugly Miami house for a fair price. In this article, you’ll find:

  • How can you sell your ugly home in Miami?
  • How to turn your ugly home into a pretty building?
  • Should you renovate the house or sell as-is?

Is Your Ugly House Unsafe?

The structure of the home, price, location, condition, and amenities determine whether the house is sellable or not. Safety is a significant concern here.
If your house is not safe, it can be challenging to sell your home. Under FHA guidelines, buyers cannot get approved for a mortgage if the house is not in an acceptable condition. The mortgage lender will appraise the property. According to the guidelines:

  • The appraiser will inspect the attic. You cannot have more than three layers of roofing, and the roof should remain functional for at least two more years.
  • There should be a proper drainage system in the house. The lot should be designed so that the water drains away from the home. In other words, you should prevent moisture/water from entering the basement/foundation.
  • All rooms should have a functioning heat source. You cannot sell the house unless the central heating system is working and is safe to use.
  • Most homes built before the 1970s have asbestos. Asbestos was commonly used for property insulation and painting purposes. A few years earlier, it was discovered that the presence of asbestos could cause a particular type of cancer and lung diseases. Since then the use of asbestos has been banned. You cannot sell your house if it contains asbestos. You need to safely remove it before you can sell the home in the retail market.
  • Every room should have a window or a way to leave the house, in case of an emergency.
  • All stairways should have a handrail.

It is not a complete list. For further details, you can check out this link.

What Do You Need to Make an Unsafe House Habitable?

If your home doesn’t meet the minimum property safety guidelines, then you will need to remodel the house. Make the required changes. After you have made the changes, you can hire an inspector to inspect the property. One thing is worth mentioning here is that before you can work on repairs, you’ll need a building permit. You can’t start work without getting the permit. After your work is complete, the inspection results must be reported to local authorities. After that, you can try obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. It is mostly required by landlords.

What do you need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?

  • Get the final inspection report. Collect the permit numbers.
  • Make sure that all requested repairs have been made and the property is safe for living.
  • Make sure that the final inspection report has been approved.

After that, you can either request a CO online. It will be available to you in a printable format. Otherwise, you can visit the local office and get your certificate.

What will it take to make an ugly house pretty?

You can turn your ugly house into a beautiful home. It will take some effort, but you can accomplish the goal in less than 20 days. When it comes to remodeling, we have a rule.
We tackle the repairs first. Enhancing the curb appeal is essential, but we cannot focus on curb appeal when the roof requires repairs. If there are security issues, we need to fix them first. After that, you can focus on the cosmetic makeover.

Clean & De-clutter the Property

Average Cost: $0-few hundred dollars
Time Needed: A Few Days
The first step is to clean the house. Since you are planning to sell the property, we suggest you take declutter the area. Bring boxes to pack items. The best way to declutter the house is to take away 50% of items in the home. Doing so will create the needed space. When prospective buyers visit your house, they want to see the area and current layout. They cannot judge the property when the home is cluttered.

Improve the Flooring

Average Cost: $1,500-$2,000
Time Needed: 1-10 days
If you are on a budget, then installing a new floor may seem expensive. Consider renovating other sections of the house. You can also try carpeting the entire house or choose inexpensive flooring options.

Repair the Roof

Average Cost: $6k-$8k
Time Needed: 1-3 days
Roof replacements are usually required if the roof is 20-25 years old. However, repairing the roof might be an option. Consult a roofing contractor in your area.
Restoring the roof can be an expensive choice. Please contact a local roofing company to get an estimate for the work required. Generally speaking, roof replacement projects can cost you $6k-$8k in Miami.

Exterior & Landscaping

Cost: A few hundred dollars
Time Needed: 1-2 Weeks
Changing the exterior can make a big difference. Improving the exterior is a must if you want to renovate the outdated house.
Furthermore, exterior renovation projects have an ROI of almost 90%. That means you’ll get your money back when you invest funds into exterior renovation projects. Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Add fencing around the house. It will give your home a more secure and complete look. You can try design and color that compliments the color scheme of your house.
  • Change the front door and repaint the exterior. Use contrasting colors for the walls and the front door. The entry to your house should be visible. Check out this picture of one of our houses in Miami Gardens FL
  • Focus on landscaping. Bring colorful flowers and add some mulch. Buy grass seeds and water them daily. In two weeks, you can see growing grass. When you have a managed lawn, it gives the impression that you care about the house.

Texture, color and architectural details define the exterior of your home. The right mix of color and architectural design can help you achieve the goal.
It is not an exhaustive list. Your house might require more work. Considering this list, it can cost you at least two weeks and $8k-$10k. That cost doesn’t include realtor commissions, closing costs, and other selling expenses.

Fix It & List It OR Sell as Is?

Should you repair the house or should you sell as-is?
A good rule of thumb is to be clear on your budget. What is your budget? How much can you afford to spend on property repairs? If it is going to cost more than your budget, then it is not a good idea to remodel the property.
Rehabbing a house requires more than money. It will take time and effort. You will need building permits. After the work is complete, the entire building must be inspected for security issues. After You can then stage the house and list it for sale. If you cannot afford to delay the sale or don’t have the funds for renovation, then consider selling your home as-is.
Another idea is to check the comparable prices in your neighborhood. Calculate the After-Repair Value of the house. Sometimes, even after repairing the house, you cannot get a higher price. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on renovations. You can simply sell your home for a fair cash price.

Listing Vs. Direct Sale?

You are planning to sell the house. How should you tackle this process?
You can choose to list your home with a realtor. However, you also have another option. You can sell your home directly to a redevelopment company in Miami. There are pros and cons of using each option.
Hiring a realtor is a good idea when your home is in its top-notch condition. Your agent can get you a higher price for the property. However, if you have an old house, it can be challenging to sell the property in the retail market. If your house requires significant repairs, then hiring an agent won’t help you. In that case, it is best to sell your home as-is to a real estate redeveloper. You can sell your home conveniently within a short time. It is possible to sell your home in as little as 20 days, and you also get the fair cash price for your home.


Can you sell an ugly house in Miami? Can you complete the sale in less than 20 days? Which repairs are required to renovate the house?
Now, you know the answers to these questions. We have given you the list of needed repairs. Of course, the specifics might be missing, but this information will prepare you for sale. You’ll get an idea of the time and money required to sell your house. After you know the estimate, you can decide about the process.

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